Hobby Lobby is anti-woman, anti-government

So I saw this on Drudge.

Good for them. But they will cave, or the government will cave. Which is too bad.

Everybody seems to like playing chicken these days but nobody actually has the guts to plow through their opponent, or drive off the cliff, whichever version you prefer (except the House of Representatives, but I'm still skeptical about all that sensationalism).

If I was the owner of Hobby Lobby, I would put TheClub® on my steering wheel, and a heavy brick on my gas pedal. So the government wants to fine me $1.3 million everyday I'm not in compliance? I'd send them a check. Until my business goes under and thousands of jobs destroyed. I would even liquidate every possible asset, and funnel it to the government, possibly taking a few of my creditors down with me.

That might teach me a lesson. Indeed, I would think over my transgressions while I bask on a beach in the Costa Rican sun.


Anonymous said...

A bit pessimistic are we?

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