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So I've decided to take this blog in a new direction, focusing on the few random issues, events, and other annoying things that spur me to rant. Constant politics burns me out; and frankly, it's only interesting and/or newsworthy about once a week if not less. And I can't talk about gun control and fiscal issues everyday for a month when it's all been said before.

So this will be a place where I will talk to myself about things of which I have no expertise.

One such example is Blogger's new posting system, which sucks compared to the simplicity and intuitive design that have graced the years past. May it rest in peace. I'm not really liking the whole web 2.0 thing where users have absolutely no say in how they spread their profit-generating content.

Facebook is (or was*) notorious at this: "Hey, lets completely change the way facebook looks and acts. It will be wonderful for the millions of users who just got comfortable with the way things are. Oh and by the way, let's make it mandatory for everyone. Also let's make it a surprise. What a great idea! We should do this every six to nine months too because it's so awesome."

I suppose the good thing about all this web evolution, is that someone will eventually hit the user-friendly jackpot, making lives easier and generally more enjoyable. Until they change it 7 months later.

*Maybe they're better at things now, but it was one of the many reasons I quit facebook and haven't looked back.


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