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Hello and welcome to the New and Improved* Daily** Mud!*******

A blog where I mostly talk to myself. I would still probably blog if I was the only person on Earth and I'm totally fine with that (blogging to nobody that is. Also maybe being the only person on Earth). Instead of just politics, I will be talking about kittens, quantum mechanics, pocket lint, the effects of antipositivism on sociolegal theory, why everyone is wrong but me, critical reviews of store brand peanut butter, and chronicling the progress of the United States' development of warp drive.

A little about myself: I'm an introvert who is slightly misanthropic and has occasional urges to improve things. I went to a terrible public school and a terrible state university and got a terrible degree and am far worse off than I would ever let on.

*subject to interpretation, your mileage may vary

**the term "Daily" is not meant literally; it is used aspirationally, ironically, and/or metaphorically--depending on the situation, whichever is most convenient to the author at the time (except in extraordinary circumstances when it may, someday, be literally applied)

***the exclamation mark is not officially part of the "Daily Mud" brand, and is merely a pathetic attempt to grab and hold attention of the reader by pretending that the "about" page of a blog is an exciting online experience in this particular case

****the excessive use of referential asterisks is a display of the author's obsessive pedantry and a poor attempt at humor, both of which the reader will no doubt continue to be subjected to, in the unlikely event further readings occur

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