AP: Romney has buried treasure in Bermuda

This is news for at least two reasons (and pardon me while I engage in some helpful generalizing):

1. Romney is too rich, and since he's Republican there must be something fishy going on.

The first reason is why every MSNBC host will be talking about this, after they've read what every lefty blog had to say on the subject of course.

How Romney appears to the left.
(comic from Steve Benson)

Even if it's unfair and fodder for partisan hacks, it's the reason why every Republican nominee needs to open his books completely, to rub the left's faces in their own warrantless suspicions. Now this could be what Romney is doing--waiting patiently for leftist anger and speculation to build so he can use that energy against them; play them for fools. The left will claim victory by proving he's rich, but most Americans don't care about that. Believe it or not, many even admire success. 

2. It's possible (if unlikely) that Romney wasn't paying all of his taxes, so we need to see what he's got. 

This is true for every candidate. Democrat, Republican, even Libertarians. If they have a viable chance at winning the election, their finances should be an open book a reasonable amount of time before November. Heaven forbid we elect a guy without vetting him, that would be awful! Thankfully we have our trusty watchdog media.

But seriously, no party and no citizen wants to find out their candidate is shady when it's too late. So Mitt should open up. When the time is right, and not a minute earlier.

Correction: I mistakenly attributed this story to the Washington Post; I've corrected the title--it's from the Associated Press.


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