At New York Times, you wouldn't know it's Independence Day

Not a single celebratory image, barely a mention of our Independence Day. Just a link at the bottom of the page tucked away in a widget saying "Obama Marks 4th of July with New Citizens".

Click on images to enlarge.
ABC, CBS, Fox News, CNN, Washington Post, and Google were markedly different.

Here are a few examples:

MSNBC was only slightly better. They had a top story about the 4th and eating hot dogs (briefly, but now it's gone).

Update: Better late than never? After going all day without, The New York Times and MSNBC finally show prominent stories about the 4th of July. Apparently it's not so much about our nation's independence as it is about fireworks.

Linked by Maetenloch at Ace's, thanks!  Happy Independence Day morons!

And Ed Driscoll!

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