Obama "greatly exaggerated" accounts in his book Dreams

Pulitzer Prize winner David Maraniss, dived into the President's past with a magnifying glass to write a biography. And apparently the facts don't exactly match what Obama wrote in either of his books.
From Fox News:
The president confirmed Maraniss's research and offered sometimes guarded explanations for those instances when he had chosen to employ an approach in Dreams that was less than strictly factual...

And where Dreams related the story of Obama quarreling with a white girlfriend after the two attended a black theatre production in Manhattan... actually happened with a different girlfriend, in Chicago.

The false portrayal of the incident as having happened with Obama's white girlfriend in New York was startling to Australian native Genevieve Cook, who confirmed to Maraniss that she was that girlfriend. Cook... also told Maraniss that Obama had "greatly exaggerated" in Dreams the details of another encounter between them.
I'm not going to pretend this is scandalous or even big news, but I am happy this kind of research is finally taking place, even if it's 4 years late.


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