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Today I went to McDonalds with my genderqueer non-binary friend. I had a Big Mac, strawberry milkshake and fries and xi had a salad and a water because xi is watching xir weight. We were sitting eating and shooting the shit and we overheard a little kid talking to his/her brother/sister (sorry I don’t know these kids’ gender identities – their mom called them boys but you can never be too sure, and considering the cissexist bullshit that was about to come out of this woman’s mouth, i wouldn’t be surprised if they were girls)

Kid B (the younger one) says to Kid A, “you’re a lesbian!” and quick as a flash, their mother says, “Boys can’t be lesbians, eat your hamburger.”

I MEAN WHAT THE FUCK?! This is so problematic! I almost jumped over the table and punched that bitch in the ear. I mean SO MANY THINGS WRONG with what she said to the poor kid. Boys CAN be lesbians if they identify as lesbians. I have a number of cis male lesbian friends.
--xem (xem seems best translated as a person, since he or she is too binary)

Found at Classical Values.


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