Leftists admit taxes are too much

The 21st century is already full of amazing things: handheld touchscreen gadgets that you can video chat with, a wealth of almost instantaneously accessible information, a ton of extreme-budgeted and horrible movies, several excellent tv-series, flying cars [seriously engineers, these are way overdue], and Starbucks.

So why am I so surprised to find leftists essentially admitting that taxes are too high? Socialists at that! Is there truly hope for oppressed civilizations everywhere?

For the record, this is happening in France (as if any American progressive would admit such a thing):
Returning from their summer break, the French are about to discover stinging rises in tax bills in
their letter boxes – the result of a series of new levies enacted by President François Hollande as he seeks to plug the French deficit and bring down public debt – now riding at 92 per cent of GDP.

But the extent of the hikes has apparently even shocked the very Socialist ministers who implemented them. . .

Pierre Mosovici, the finance minister, told France Inter radio: “I’m very sensitive to the French getting fed up with taxes We are listening to them.” Laurent Fabius, the foreign minister followed suit, warning Mr Hollande to be “very, very careful” as “there’s a level above which we shouldn’t climb”.
I guess when some people are paying over 100% in taxes, then yeah, perhaps it is bit too much.


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