Look at this truck

From the wrongful shooting that took place in Los Angeles the other day. Police apparently mistook the truck for the murder-spree suspect's.

This was an innocent lady's truck, and yes, she and a passenger were shot (luckily both survived) by seemingly neglignent police officers.

This wrongful shooting took place in what appears to be a neighborhood. And if you look closely at the truck, there are at least 20 bullet holes by my count, that have penetrated it. At least a few of those are at the very top of the cab.

Who the hell trained these guys how to shoot? Elmer Fudd? Elmer Fudd at least had the excuse of a legitimate and cunning target.

There are bullet holes all over that truck. If the police were aiming at all, they even aimed at the passenger! As if stopping the truck depended not only on incapacitating the driver. These women were not armed. Apparently identification of the type of truck is all that is needed to satisfy due process.

Maybe I'm assuming too much, maybe the driver of the truck tried to flee. But either way, the shooting pattern on that truck indicates some very poor control of fire. They're lucky no one else in the neighborhood took a stray bullet. If there were a good reason for gun control, this would be it.

I've circled the bullet-holes that were near misses on top of the cab, and several more apparently aimed at the passenger

I hope the driver and passenger sue.


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