Democrats suck, but voters are the real idiots

Yeah I'm just going to go the undignified route because I don't give two shits about politicians and the voting public in general. Let's just drop the pretense: the vast majority of Americans have a rational interest to be politically ignorant, and in our case, they are super-rational.

It's like they've all been urinating in the pool--what's a little pee in this giant pool, nobody will know--and now, thanks to all of them we're neck deep in piss.

Why am I so cynical today? You could probably guess in one try: Internet commenters. Specifically those commenters over at this Buzzfeed piece on the hypocrisy of Democrats.

A good percentage of those commenters get up on their high horse and say shit like, "Oh I voted for Bush, then I voted for Obama. Now I despise both of them. They are all corporatist war mongers!"

But you know what, it's ok because they're going to vote for the next candidate Pepsi or candidate Coke.

Go fuck yourself.

And no, I'm not saying we should get rid of democracy, I'm just saying it sucks. There are possible improvements, but that's for another post.


Anonymous said...

What gets me are the ignorant mothers who are too lazy to pay attention, fall for the democrat bull$hit, and are setting their own children up for an fiscal and social a$$fukkin when they grow older. These dumbkunts are all over the place around here, even some of my children's friends moms. Dumazzkunts.

Anonymous said...

Ban guns, Bullshit. Ban computers, now I can get behind that. why do democrats want to legislate everything. "this or that is bad for us" the Republican response, well then leave it alone and educate our kids to leave it alone. Liberal response, WE MUST have a law that says we can't to that no matter what, we are too stupid to avoid it otherwise? and it make us look good. vote for me, vote for me, naturalize 12 million mexicans and have them all vote for me? and we don't see that?

Warren Brown on July 1, 2013 at 5:44 PM said...

Guns don't kill people, government does! Leave us alone, Obama! You're the worst president ever!

Anonymous said...

Fuck u Warren brown u right wing nut jobs have no fucking clue about making a living

Unknown on December 15, 2015 at 11:34 AM said...

no fuck you anonypuss and anyone like you

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