What I would be blogging about

Or at least linking to, if I weren't so busy (regular blogging to commence in a few days however):

The libertarianish:

Even with a negative interest rate, government borrowing is still stupid.
The vast majority of people we incarcerate, is for their own good apparently.

Why stopping people for not wearing their seatbelt is not a great idea.

Amazon could soon spell ruin for local retail stores (quick, let's pass a law to stop their success!)

Ace is on a roll today:

Jihad justifies sodomy, apparently.
It sucks to be a border patrol agent right about now.
Detective in Zimmerman case was pressured.

And some other stuff:

Facebook sharing is getting out of hand.

I too, thought "The Obama Effect" was a parody. I guess I should have watched more than 5 seconds of the trailer.

Nexus 7: The best Android tablet?

The Oatmeal: "Here's that money I raised for charity." With a special message to Charles Carreon.


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