A reboot for Firefly?

Via Instapundit, people are saying Joss Whedon is serious about rebooting the best sci fi series that barely got a chance:
Out of the 10th Anniversary Firefly Reunion panel came a surprise announcement which will delight Browncoats the world over:

Bleeding Cool was on the scene when Joss Whedon and The Science Channel’s Debbie Myers confirmed to a packed room of journalists that if the planned Firefly reunion movie performs well that we can expect a full Firefly series reboot. And, it seems as if Whedon plans to wipe the slates clean and bring back the entire original cast.

“The opening sequence [of the Firefly reboot] is a conversation between Wash and Book,” said Whedon quite, quite seriously to the amazed Firefly cast and crew on the press panel with him Friday in San Diego. [emphasis added]
I hope it's true... I mean they keep teasing us hardcore sci-fi fans with awesome movies like Promethius and the 2009 Star Trek, with a sequel next year yet nothing on television. What I would give to see more of this on tv:

Speaking of Trek, here's the latest news on the sequel, which might be followed by a new tv series. On the other hand, it might be from the guy who did Heroes, which was horrible.


Anonymous said...

i'm throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening!?!?!?!?

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