A reboot for Firefly?

Via Instapundit, people are saying Joss Whedon is serious about rebooting the best sci fi series that barely got a chance:
Out of the 10th Anniversary Firefly Reunion panel came a surprise announcement which will delight Browncoats the world over:

Bleeding Cool was on the scene when Joss Whedon and The Science Channel’s Debbie Myers confirmed to a packed room of journalists that if the planned Firefly reunion movie performs well that we can expect a full Firefly series reboot. And, it seems as if Whedon plans to wipe the slates clean and bring back the entire original cast.

“The opening sequence [of the Firefly reboot] is a conversation between Wash and Book,” said Whedon quite, quite seriously to the amazed Firefly cast and crew on the press panel with him Friday in San Diego. [emphasis added]
I hope it's true... I mean they keep teasing us hardcore sci-fi fans with awesome movies like Promethius and the 2009 Star Trek, with a sequel next year yet nothing on television. What I would give to see more of this on tv:

Speaking of Trek, here's the latest news on the sequel, which might be followed by a new tv series. On the other hand, it might be from the guy who did Heroes, which was horrible.

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