Think Progress: Look a new study says Obamacare totally saves money!

While perusing through Memeorandum I came across this:
Republican politicians across the country claim that Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid, the widely popular program which makes health insurance available for lower-income Americans, will increase costs for states...

Directly disproving Republican claims, an extensive study reveals that the Affordable Care Act significantly benefits states by reducing their uncompensated care costs.
Let's just uncritically swallow whole this study that comes from the President's very own advisers. I mean take a look at that website, you would think they were talking about an entirely different country! I want to move there it sounds so nice. 

Even if the states were going to save a bunch of money under the medicaid expanison part of Obamacare, you can't get around the fact that premiums are rising. Obamacare as is, does nothing long term to stop the rising costs of health care. And there is little reason it should.

Yeah, having everyone insured expands the insurance pool lowering premiums. But premiums aren't about being in a group, they are about enabling you to pay for catastrophic care, and increasingly routine medical services. Doctors and hospitals have little reason to be priced competitively; after all the cost of your visit won't be coming directly out of your pocket, why even look at the price tag?

But what I think is hilarious is this common claim:
This study blows a hole in Republican claims that Obamacare has ill economic effects. In reality, Obamacare saves states money while improving the overall economy. Republicans who care more about fiscal responsibility than political gamesmanship would do well to embrace it.
I don't know how anyone can say that last sentence with a straight face. It's as if they keep telling themselves this, and maybe it will increase the odds of Obamacare being a success. Well don't kid yourselves.

Where is all this magic money coming from? If it's not coming from state governments it's coming from the federal government. That means you and me. Tell me now, how does taking money out of your pocket, and putting it in someone else's create wealth? If you can figure that out, let me know. And please don't say the printing press.

Think Progress also buys into (or hackishly spreads) the lie that Obamacare is revenue neutral. Back during the congressional debates this was a very controversial position. It was all over the news, and plenty of researchers dived into it. But it doesn't take a Ph.D. in economics or political science to figure out that health care subsidies for millions of people isn't gonna be "revenue neutral".


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