Muslim Brotherhood wants convicted terrorist released

From Fox News:
Egypt's new government is sparking growing outrage in the U.S. for its attempts to win the release of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind cleric behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

In Cairo, President-elect Mohamed Morsi proclaimed to hundreds of thousands of supporters in Tahir Square on Friday that he will gain the release of Rahman, who is in a federal prison in North Carolina after having been convicted of masterminding the bombing that killed six and unsuccessfully plotting to blow up other landmarks, including the United Nations.

Although a U.S. official told FoxNews.com the sheik will never be freed, the fact that Egypt's newly-installed Muslim Brotherhood government is asking has top elected officials here seething.
Well that's wonderful, Obama's new friends in Egypt showing their true colors. Of course we're not going to release him, but thanks in part to Obama's "smart diplomacy", Egypt's new leaders are now able to gin up hate like it's going out of style.


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