White House: The Obamacare tax is a penalty

It's pretty obvious they would avoid using the word "tax", especially given it is the one piece of legislation so central to the administration, so close to an election.

But to me frankly, "penalty" doesn't sound much better. Here's what Press Secretary Carney said:
“You can call it what you want... If you read the opinion, it is not a broad-based tax. It affects one percent, by CBO estimates, of the population.”  Pressed on whether that 1 percent will be paying a tax or a penalty, he responded, “It’s a penalty because you have a choice. You don’t a have a choice to pay your taxes. You have a choice. If you can afford health insurance, if you don’t buy it.”
So if you decide not to pay the "penalty" you go to unicorn and rainbow prison, instead of that other kind? Penalty or tax, it still sucks being coerced into buying something. Second look at Freeganism (no income, no taxes)?

And only 1% paying a new tax? Really? I'm not so sure. It's not like health care costs are going up either.

The same way penalties are not taxes, the Affordable Care Act is not costly.


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