It's like there is something systemically wrong with the ATF

First, the wonderful idea that was Fast and Furious which got 300+ Mexicans and an American Border Patrol Agent murdered.

And after perhaps what many think would have been time spent soul searching or bettering themselves, now they go and do a thing like this:

“We just learned that ATF senior management placed two of the main whistleblowers who have testified before Congress about Fast and Furious under the supervision of someone who vowed to retaliate against them,” they wrote before describing how senior political figures have made dangerous threats before...

“We need to get whatever dirt we can on these guys [the whistleblowers] and take them down.”
Thomasson also allegedly said that: “All these whistleblowers have axes to grind. ATF needs to f—k these guys.”

I hope the investigation bears more fruit than slapping AG Holder on the wrist.
(via Insty)

pic from Waznmentobe


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