The world (and the internet) is crazy

I suppose it's not a good sign when you start to think everyone is crazy except you.

I jest, somewhat, but we're back where we were. Of course, as it has always been, we're seemingly getting worse regarding civility, political toxicity, hyper-partisanship, etcetera (although I think humanity tends to succeed despite itself--as if we repeatedly fail upwards, and are nevertheless continually disheartened by the failures--but that's a topic for another day).

So, in this era of #FakeNews, misleading commentary, political hackery, censorship, and other lame hashtags, your mostly absent host here at the Daily Mud will dust off his degree and try to get back to the basics of politics.

Think of it as a public service. I won't be arguing, explaining, nor defining political issues, rather I will attempt to list the concepts behind them and adequately summarize how they work with respect to our political processes--at least in my as yet unnamed series of upcoming blog posts. Maybe something like Modern Political Theorems, or some similarly pedestrian title. While politics is both science and art, I think it will still be useful to provide a sort of guide or reference for why politics is the way it is. Especially for anyone who was smarter than me by not majoring in Political Science.

In other news, I have recently suffered the loss of a family member, and shortly after became ill. The loss was rough, but I've been through it before and am coping fairly well. The illness is nothing too serious, but I've been out of commission for a couple weeks now. I think for some reason my immune system was not nearly up to par and just couldn't handle the flu (I didn't get flu shots because I never got the flu, until now). I'll try to get more sun and exercise in the future.

Comments have been temporarily disabled because I mostly get spam and don't want to deal with it. I will re-enable them soonish, I think.

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