A little bit about effective space travel

We can get to the space station, moon, and arguably even Mars in reasonable amounts of time. But if we want to get past what's essentially our front porch and explore the neighborhood, or beyond, we're kind of screwed. Unless you're totally fine with having burning questions you've asked answered several hundreds or thousands of years later.

"Hey doc, this don't look so good. Is it cancer?"

"Let's run some tests. I should have the results back sometime around 3pm, in 2096."

I'm not saying Earth has cancer and we need to jump ship, I'm just saying the sun has cancer and Earth has a ton of other shit going on and we'll need to jump ship within at least the next billion years. But probably a lot sooner because meteors of death and probably other unforeseen calamities. And that's just the stuff we are pretty sure about. The stuff we don't know literally fills a universe.

But also, there's a ton of cool stuff out there we are missing out on, very important questions that could be answered, and a billion other things we didn't even think about.

So here's some videos I thought were interesting/enlightening, and I've wanted to share them for a while.

Another day I might discuss the ideas and ethical concerns the video presented further (like how it uses reproduction strategies from nature--plants and some insects) but for now, this will do.

The next one is much longer and slightly more technical, but still easy enough to follow. It's essentially a kinda-sorta-almost proof of concept Warp Drive presentation by Harold "Sonny" White. According to him, we'll get there soon.


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