Short people rule the world.

Yesterday, I was doing a lot of handwashing, dishwashing, and other sink-related tasks. Today, my back really hurts.

I am barely 6' tall. That might be considered "tall", but increasingly it is nearing average; and soon, I'm willing to bet that it will be below average for American males (at least black and white males). People are getting taller and it's obvious.
What is that, like 3 inches off the ground? Who is this made for?

What I'm trying to say is that I am pretty damn close to average, and yet the standard countertops, bathroom sinks, toilets, and other miscellaneous surface heights are designed for 4 1/2 foot pygmies. 

I get it. Why make it difficult for short and disabled people to use the sink when we "tall" people can just bend down a bit more? Got to check your privilege, you entitled snowflakes.

Well, I checked my privilege, and have found that while I enjoy the idea of being "tall", the vast, vast majority of all furniture, surfaces, and utilities found in everyday America are not accommodating to anyone near my height. You must accept your back pain and awkward positioning, for the short people demand it! They can't be bothered to get a fucking stool.


I can dream. I dream of waking up in a strange new place. A world where I am the short person. Where I walk into what appears to be a bathroom, and have to use a stool just to climb atop a majestically behemoth toilet. Where every single thing is designed for 8' giants. I have no back pain. In fact, I probably have better posture than most because I'm always sitting or standing as tall as I possibly can, just to get by. That's a world I could get used to.

But I'll settle for a few more inches height on everything. Anything less is accepting the oppressive minoritarchy!


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