OFA Logic in One Simple Chart

Alternatively titled, "Leftist logic ..."

Honestly, I could've come at this in different ways. My first reaction was laughter, followed by despair, then apathy, and now I'm kind of ambivalent. Am I wrong to think that this kind of thinking makes perfect sense to only small children and the cognitively disabled:

I was apparently under the mistaken assumption that if you raise the cost of something, you get less of it--employment, in this case. I apologize for my conventional, mainstream, in-the-box thinking.

This new plan is almost as brilliant as the underpants plan:

I kid, I kid. But essentially, it's the same kind of wishful-thinking, horrible understanding and/or ignorance of economics, and logical fallacies that the South Park Gnomes employ.

Then again, maybe it's just how the president "changes" things.

Update: I wrote the post and p-shopped the image before I saw this tweet, but we're on the same wavelength:


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