Broke Bad

I started watching Breaking Bad in 2010, I think. I quickly got caught up and watched it every week since. I have to say it was my favorite show. Sad to see it go, but content it never went on long enough to get boring.

What I appreciated most, was the way Mr. White always got out of a bad situation. It was always plausible, cleverly done, and the show's execution of such escapes were flawless.

The show had its flaws and a few plot holes, but the way it was done made it difficult to notice.

[Minor Spoiler Alert]

That being said, I thought the ending could've been better. It was only mildly clever. A lot of White's plan depended on everything going just right with a good dose of luck. Sure enough, it did (although for a moment it looked like it could've gone south, which would have been another way to end the series--having Mr. White's luck run out). Compared to some of his other clever stunts on the show, his last trick seemed subpar. I mean, it's comparable to a deus ex machina: Hey look at this gadget I built that will save the day! I'm not a fan of deus ex machina--that's just bad writing.

Don't get me wrong, the ending was good, it just wasn't Breaking Bad good.

[End Spoiler Alert]

I guess the point of this post is that Breaking Bad is a good (arguably the best) show, go watch it; also check out The Wire.

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