Summer's here

It's been a while since my last post.

Sometimes we're just lazy. Deal with it.

So there's a ton of scandals in the news. I'm unsurprisingly not surprised. Yeah it's unsettling, but hey, you know we're just going to vote them all back in next time. The only gov't or former gov't employee who might see any jail time is that young whistleblower, unfortunately.

What was I going to say? Nothing really. Just hello I guess. I'm not dead.

Anyway, read this guy's blog. Wonderful writer, and he makes me feel smart. And as a contrarian, I particularly appreciate his thoughtful refutation of libertarianism, here.

And this blog makes me feel smarter too.

After you're brain is tired, try watching this guy play games (he's remarkably entertaining). Watching other people play games is nearly as fun as playing yourself, and sometimes just as frustrating.


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