Robot & Frank

I don't typically do movie reviews, primarily because it feels like writing a lit review for college. So let's just call this a movie suggestion instead.

Frank and Robot casing a joint
Robot & Frank is a wonderful movie with a moderate amount of cleverness, good storytelling, and the whole robot-as-friend gimmick works remarkably well.  In fact, the robot reminded me of GERTY, the robot from Moon. I would go so far as to say Frank's relationship with the robot parrallels in many ways with Sam Bell's and GERTY's relationship.

It is sort of a refreshing movie; it's a sci-fi without being all sci-fi-y. A fun and sad little dramedy without being too sad, nor too funny. Just enough to leave you wanting more. Maybe that's why it's only 85 minutes or so.

I must say it has been one of the better movies I've seen in a while. Thoroughly enjoyable if you care more about characters and story than explosions and boobs. I mean I like explosions and boobs, but without good story it's basically porn.

So yeah, Robot & Frank. I guess I should give you a reason to see it, rather than just my word. Well, here's a taste: Frank is an old guy living alone with Alzheimer's who used to be a professional cat-burglar. Worried about Frank's health, his son gets him a robot to help take care of him. At first, Frank despises the robot and resents his son for getting him a babysitter. But after spending some time with the robot, Frank learns that it has certain advantages in not-so-legal activities.

I would go further but I don't want to spoil how Frank "persuades" his robot to be a partner in crime. That part is done very well. If you have time, go see it.

Edit: I found the trailer. I watched the movie and wrote this review suggestion before watching the trailer. I feel like the trailer gives too much away, so kinda-sorta semi-spoiler alert:


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