New Lincoln MKZ will drive for you

No this isn't some proto-type Google car that is fully driverless (and consequently kept fully out of the marketplace), but a real car that anyone with a little money can buy and "drive" home.

Click the image to watch, and skip forward to about 2:20 to see this moron finally show us what we want to see:

A forward-looking camera mounted in the windshield mirror assembly reads lane markings and, if it determines you’re about to drift out of your lane, steers the car back toward the center of the lane... You start to drift out of your lane, even going around a corner, and the steering wheel magically cranks over and points you back toward the centerline.
It also has long-range radar-equipped cruise control that can match the speed of the car in front of you; it even works with the Lane Keeper technology.

Amazing how vehicle tech is advancing, but I fear by the time we get fully automated driving, virtually nobody will need to commute anymore.


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