Utah challenging Federal Gov't on land grab

While not technically a land grab by the Bureau of Land Management, it might as well be.
Utah says the Federal Bureau of Land Management is violating the law when it makes land decisions in Utah.
More at KUTV including video.

Via LauraW at Ace's, who isn't very happy:
Consistent with this administration's general theme of arrogant unaccountability, the enviro-potentates at the BLM have been refusing to disclose their reasoning on land use decisions to the locals.

But now a judge has ruled that the federal government must release the documents that show what rationale they are using to consistently deny lawful requests for land use.

Please go to the link to see the news video, which is short but good. The reporter takes the time to point out that Red Rock was sponsored by a NEW YORK CONGRESSMAN. You can imagine Utahns all spitting in unison when they heard that part of the broadcast, heh.
Yeah, we were.


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