Public opinion of Supreme Court drops after Obamacare ruling

I'm beginning to think that aside from the military, there isn't a single federal government branch or agency that has the support of a majority of it's citizens. With spending on an unsustainable path, entitlements nearing bankruptcy, the Post Office defaulting, unemployment, it's a wonder we function with any unity at all.

From the NYT:
The nation is now evenly divided, with 41 percent of Americans saying they approve of the job the court is doing and the same share voicing disapproval, according to a new poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS News. In a poll a few weeks before the health care decision, the court’s approval rating was 44 percent and its disapproval rating 36 percent.

More than half of Americans said the decision in the health care case was based mainly on the justices’ personal or political views. Only about 3 in 10 of them said the decision in the case was based mainly on legal analysis.


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