Obama's job council hasn't met in six months

This is what Hope and Change leadership looks like:
At this point, the hiatus — which reached the half-year mark Tuesday — might be less awkward than an official meeting, given the hornet’s nest of issues that could sting Obama and the council members if the private-sector panel gets together.

For starters, there’s the discomfort many business leaders may feel in appearing to embrace the president with his reelection bid in full swing.

Then, there’s the fact that some members of the commission have conspicuously declined to endorse him. And that Obama has conspicuously declined to endorse some of their recommendations. And that some of what Obama won’t endorse has been warmly embraced by Republicans...
No wonder the Obama campaign and the media would rather talk about Romney's tax records and former employment.

This single example is a metaphor of the entire administration: sloppy, lazy, ineffectual, and always directing attention away from themselves. What has been the number one issue since Obama was elected? Jobs. Or the economy in general. 

Apparently assuming the Recovery Act was a cure-all, the check-list president then spent the next two years of his administration focusing on health care. But whether you like Obamacare or not, he left Nancy Pelosi to do the heavy lifting on that. I guess he needed his time on the green.

Even if I was a socialist, I would have to admit the president has been a complete failure of a leader. But it's worse; he won't assume responsibility for his failures, not even the failure to satisfy his base.


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