France goes full Nanny

In full nanny state glory, France is now requiring people to carry a portable breathalyzer in their cars at all times.
New laws will make the equipment compulsory for all cars on French roads from July 1, with anyone caught without the equipment facing an 11 euro (£9.20) fine...

The kits, costing up to £2 are expected to be available at Channel ports and will enable motorists to see if they are under the French limit of 50 mg per 100ml of blood which is 30 mg lower than in the UK...

It is the latest in a series of requirements imposed on drivers by the French Government. Motorists are also legally obliged to carry a warning triangle and fluorescent vest as well as displaying a GB plate and adjusting their headlights to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers.
I suppose the next logical step would be to force car manufacturers to install automatic BAC detection devices that enable ignition. I mean it's not like those breathalyzers can be wrong.

via Samizdata.


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