Eva Longoria: No way women can vote Republican

In other news, Eva Longoria is the Obama campaign's Co-Chair?
“I don’t think it’s a hard choice if you’re a woman,” said Longoria during an Obama campaign event in Colorado over the weekend, according to The Denver Post. “We have to get out there and tell (others) ‘If you’re a woman, there is no way you can vote Republican.’”
Well, as a pre-op femme fatale I believe I can discuss this issue with absolute moral authority.

First of all, Obamacare won't even cover my sex reassignment surgery, only to throw additional taxes on my cosmetic surgeries. How can she even work for this blatant misogynist?

Secondly, I won't be getting free contraception because my premiums are going up thanks to Obamacare. I mean Obama is taking away my right to promiscuity by raising my premiums!!1!

And now I have to pay an extra tax just to look beautiful! How is a girl supposed to stay tan and affluent? Maybe I'll just keep trying this whole guy thing for awhile.


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