Barney Frank: Republicans think 9/11, Pearl Harbor, on scale with Obama Inauguration

Election season hyperbole of course as Scott Baker at The Blaze says, but pretty reckless hyperbole.

Frank's basically arguing that the GOP is wrongly attributing the country's problems to Obama, as if they suddenly had "massive amnesia" regarding the previous administration. Well, Republicans certainly suck and sometimes have trouble remembering things, but there's W's suck and then there's O's patented supersuck. If W was at the wheel when the brakes went out on a downhill slope we can argue about what he could have done better, but you cannot easily forgive Obama for the brilliant strategy of hitting the gas.

On January 21st, 2009, it was to them [Republicans] the Pearl Harbor day, 9/11 of 2001. The worst day in American history: January 21st 2009. This is what happened: all of the sudden unemployment appears... the war in Afghanistan started to go bad... the deficit appears, the credit system of America stalled. All of these bad things according to them happened the day Barack Obama took office... there was also on that day, little noticed at the time, a widespread outbreak of disease, massive amnesia swept over the entire Republican Party.


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