Stupak: You know, I'm pretty optimistic we can work this whole abortion thing out

"I'm more optimistic than I was a week ago" he says. How much so is anybody's guess. But it's not looking good.

It's all over if Pelosi manages to persuade him.

Or is it?
If the GOP wanted to play hardball here, McConnell and Boehner could issue a statement saying that Republicans will not vote for any abortion fix later on but will instead vote “present” as a way of protesting the passage of ObamaCare. That would leave Stupak in a bind because, without Republican votes, there’s likely no way an abortion bill to his liking would pass the House or Senate. The risk is, if the GOP makes that move, then the pro-choice Democratic congressional majority could pass a law providing for abortions to be fully funded under ObamaCare, which would leave Republicans who voted “present” with some ’splaining to do to pro-life groups.
Since Porkulus, the Republicans have been extremely well disciplined, but as Allahpundit says, this isn't without risk. A very scary and probably unnecessary risk I might add, for a lot of Republicans who think November is already in the bag.

I'm not that optimistic.


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