Lipinski flips to "no" vote on Obamacare

The Stupak gang keeps growing. From John McCormack at the Weekly Standard:
Add Congressman Dan Lipinski of Illinois to the coalition of pro-life Democrats standing firmly with Bart Stupak in the fight over taxpayer-funding of abortion in the health care bill. Asked if the congressman is "open to voting for a health care bill that lacks the Stupak amendment," Lipinski's spokesman Nathaniel Zimmer replied in an email to THE WEEKLY STANDARD: "No. Congressman Lipinski will not vote for a health care bill that provides federal funding for abortion."
If it were as easy as a promise from Pelosi to strip out abortion funding, this bill would have been signed already. The trouble for Pelosi is that it's transparently obvious she cannot enforce such a promise, so she really can't make one without looking stupid. It would take promises from quite a few Senators and progressive House members to do that, which just isn't happening.

Increasingly it looks like the only way to save Obamacare is to kill it and start over.

via Ed @ Hot Air


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