ABC's Brian Ross fakes Toyota acceleration test

Yes, really. As if the collective pile-on of Toyota wasn't bad enough, ABC decides to throw in a few cheap shots while the getting's good. Toyota has its problems, but this demonizing of business is anything but helpful right now. I think too many of the left-leaning political class and establishment media are misinterpreting public anger as primarily against business. There is some of that, but they're missing the forest for the trees.

The lame-stream media, doing the job anybody else could do, only worse. From Gawker:
...the dashboard lights indicate that the car's doors are open and its parking brake is on. The first shot shows the tachometer beginning at below 1,000 RPMs—or idling speed, as opposed to the 20 mph that Ross said he was driving when the acceleration began. On the right of the images, the speedometer appears to show a reading of zero miles per hour. And to top it all off, the transmission indicator shows that the car is in park. In other words, Ross took footage of a parked Toyota's RPMs taking off and falsely portrayed the shot as having taken place while he was driving the car.
Click on the link for much more. Shameful. You know, I just have to wonder if this kind of treatment would be applied if it were GM.


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